AgriEyes W56B Wireless Beacon Light, USB-C LED Rechargeable Strobe Lights with Magnetic, Portable Waterproof Emergency Safety Lights

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【Temporary Guard】The wireless beacon light activates even when parked with the engine off, unlike other electronic beacon lights. It helps prevent collisions from careless drivers, making it ideal for couriers, delivery trucks, postal vehicles, and any job requiring quick roadside stops.
【USB-C Charger】Featuring a USB-C quick charging port, this rechargeable strobe warning light fully charges in 2.5 hours and offers up to 12 hours of continuous use. Always have reliable light when you need it most.
【Built-in Magnet】With a powerful built-in magnetic base, this amber flashing lights securely attaches without rusting or damaging your vehicle’s paint. It stays firmly in place even at high speeds or on rough terrain.
【Dual Protection】Featuring IP67 waterproofing and made with ultrasonic and gluing technology, this caution light is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and temperature-resistant, delivering reliable performance in the harshest conditions.
【Super Visibility】Featuring 32 high-intensity LED chips and 7 flashing modes, including cruising mode, this beacon light ensures high visibility during emergencies. The battery indicator shows remaining power, keeping you prepared. Note: modes are yellow except mode 6. Battery indicator turns off after 40s; restart to check battery.
【Compact and Stylish】Agrieyes LED Wireless Mini Beacon Light boasts a sleek design with a compact body, making it fashionable, portable, and easy to store. Ideal for trucks, vehicles, tractors, and trailers.
【One-Year Warranty】We provide a one-year warranty. If you encounter any issues during use, contact us and we will resolve the problem within 24 hours.



Wireless Beacon Light with Magnetic Base

Color: Black

7 Lighting Modes

Wavelength: 590nm~595nm

LED quantities: 32 LED

EMC: R10

Waterproof Grade: IP67

Operating Temperature: -40℃~65℃

Charging Voltage: 5V

Charging Current: 1000mA

Charging Time:  2.5 hours

Working Time: 12 hours

Charging Interface: TYPE-C




  • USB-C charger

    Beacon light features a USB-C charging port for quick charging in just 2.5 hours, enabling a continuous usage time of up to 12 hours on single charge.

  • 32 Intensity LEDs

    The mini beacon uses 32 high-brightness LEDs and can be seen from a mile away. Delivers powerful illumination for enhanced visibility and safety.

  • Battery Indicator Light

    The battery indicator light ensures timely battery status monitoring, while the turns off feature after 40 seconds helps conserve power efficiently.

  • Built-In Magnet

    Designed with a strong built-in magnet, this rechargeable strobe light can securely attach to metal surfaces without rusting or damaging paintwork.