Agrieyes 2009 Motorcycle Driving Lights Fog

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【Excellent waterproof rating】The potting process to protect the pcb board and LED, plus the rubber ring structure waterproof, to achieve double protection.
【High quality】High brightness output, but with excellent housing to help better heat dissipation, extend the life of driving lights to more than 50000 hours.
【Low power, super brightness】Professional wiring design, efficient photoelectric energy conversion, power consumption reduced by 15%, brightness increased by 30%.
【Easy to install】Equipped with screw packs, can be installed anywhere you want to install on the car, such as on the roof, the front bumper, etc.
【Light and small size】2 inch car work light, wider range of application, you can install in small car, off-road vehicles, motorcycle, wrangler, truck, tractor, SUV, UTV, ATV and boat, etc.